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Sustainability and ecology is included in every facet of the design and production process.

The starting point of every design is to create a piece of furniture or an object that is sustainable in terms of design, concept, aesthetics, comfort, user-friendliness, construction, production and use of materials so that it is useful and relevant for multiple generations.

And thus goes beyond the psychological lifespan, imposed by 'fashion phenomena'.
It gets a 'cultural lifespan (Enzo Manzini 1975)' and becomes more beautiful with age, allows easy care, and is connected to its users.

The basic concept of each design allows various applications with ecologically responsible circular materials and production processes that burden the environment as little as possible. This is translated into an industrial production process so that the ecological aspect of the designs/products is accessible to the widest possible public.

The ecological aspect of transport is also an important issue.

Designs are reduced to the essentials,  according to the use of materials to keep the transport weight as low as possible, heavy transport is very harmful to the environment. We also try to keep the packages of the designs as compact as possible, which often results in a 'flat pack' design.

The 'JAPAN' collection can be made both traditionally and industrially with various ecologically responsible circular materials, depending on the production method, such as; wood, steel, aluminium, wood, resin-tanned leather, environmentally friendly lacquer or recycled polypropylene: EVO-C.

In the 'LINE' lighting line, aluminium (circular with a low environmental impact) is used for the lighting profile and 'terrazzo' has been chosen instead of natural stone for the solid base. The extraction of natural stone can almost be called 'perverse'. To obtain a finished shape from natural stone, at least 10 to 15 times the same volume of waste is produced. Terrazzo is an ancient way of recycling and the use of this otherwise wasted  material  becomes circular/reusable.

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