2014         Biennale Interieur 2014, NomAd table, the 20 winners of the Interieur Awards 2014, Objects                         Category

2001         Group exhibition Kennis van Kenis, Domain Reckheim in Oud-Rekem

1997         Installation in the beguinage in Sint-Truiden on the theme of "REFLECTION", Provencial Museum of                     Religious Art

1997         Retrospective exhibition 15 years art secondary Sint - Lucas Ghent

1993         Maison de L'économie et du Dévelopement in Nancy | France

1993        100% BELGIUM PRODUCTION,exhibition gallery Theoremes in Brussels, Belgium

1993         Eindhoven University of Technology, library faculty of architecture

1992         Interior Kortrijk, Belgium '92, candlestick 'BALANCE I', in collaboration with Gallery ZIGGURAT |                     Halls Kortrijk

1992         Linea,Flanders Expo Ghent, Belgium "Filing cabinet"  

1989         "Fire" exhibition, candlestick BALANCE I. asbl D'sign Brussels, Belgium


1989         Classic II, Halls Kortrijk, Belgium_"Filing cabinet"

1988         Effort exhibition, LABO Hasselt "secretaire"