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Chaise Longue_DSC_4898b-1200.jpg

Japan chaise longue

Part of the JAPAN collection. Here the profile of the reclining position has been reduced to the basis of the design and is even more defining than with the chair or seat design of this collection.

Despite the pure form, the design appears familiar and inviting.  The wooden legs and leather seat provide a warm aspect to the furniture.

The Japan collection is a furniture line in which the basic typology of the design can vary in material, construction, production, color and finish.

Materials prototype: steel, ash wood, leather

photos: © Sonny Plasschaert 

design: © Jan Goderis

Chaise Longue_DSC_5017_def-1200.jpg
Chaise Longue_DSC_5010_def-1200.jpg
Chaise Longue_DSC_5021_def-1200.jpg
Chaise Longue_DSC_5049-1200.jpg
Chaise Longue_DSC_4887b-1200.jpg
Chaise Longue_DSC_4778b-1200.jpg
Chaise Longue_DSC_4861b-1200.jpg
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