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The Japan collection is a furniture line in which the basic typology of the design can vary in material, construction, production, color and finish.

The Japan barstool was the evident and logical evolution from the basic design of the Japan lounge chair The chair has the same starting point: to design basic seating furniture from the sitting position with a minimum of materials and a simple construction, with a cozy appearance and good seating comfort.

It was a challenge  to experiment with uncommon profile dimensions and less obvious combinations of material, such as the wooden legs mounted on a metal frame of round tubes.

Designing a new chair typology has never been a starting point for this design, but has automatically led to this unique result.

The basic shape of this chair is also suitable for other variation/versions e.g. with a seat and back in plastic for mass production.

Materials: ash wood, metal, leather or plastic (polyurethane)

photos: © Sonny Plasschaert

design: © Jan Goderis

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