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JALU 2.0 chair

JALU 2.0 chair

The JALU 2.0 chair has evolved from the JAPAN and JALU chairs.


The detail of clamping the back with wooden slats that have been slid into the frame has also been applied to the seat. The back has been made lower for aesthetic reasons and better seating comfort. The frame is made of aluminium, so the chair can also be used outdoors with a suitable material for the seat and back.

The aluminium is easy and environmentally friendly to recycle. During painting, the spray mists are recovered, making the finish more environmentally friendly. The saddle leather is leached with natural wood resins.

photos: © Jan Goderis

design: © Jan Goderis

JALU 2.0 chair
Detail JALU 2.0 chair
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