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Jan Goderis design lab_Bend coffee table_ph Jan Goderis_1 res.jpg

BEND coffee table

Goderis Jan_Newspapers coffe table_ph Plasschaert Sonny_9 ogk copy copy.jpg

photos: © Sonny Plasschaert 

design: © Jan Goderis

The table is made of two bended aluminum plates which fit together.       When put together, the plates extend  all the way to the legs. This gives a certain transparency and lightness to the design and a vertical storage is created for magazines, newspapers, plaid....       In between the two top plates there is also the possibility of storage at both sides of the table.

Goderis Jan_Newspapers coffe table_ph Plasschaert Sonny_5.jpg
220418_Salontafel Newspapers VV alu_prof A0 (1) copy.jpg

dimensions: L125 x D55 x H28

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