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Line Balance table lamp

X Line balance table lamp

The ‘Line Balance’ table lamp & floor lamp designs are the basic design for the ‘Line 2 & 3’ lighting designs.

The ‘Balance’ collection is a more basic design.

Here is a similar solid block of wood or granite, but with a slot in the middle where the lighting profile lies and can be tilted in different positions as desired.

The interaction of the profile with the foot provides a powerful image and composition but is not obtrusive due to its simplicity.

By sliding a rod out of the block, the profile is unlocked and it can be placed in a different position.


photos: © Sonny Plasschaert 

design: © Jan Goderis

210917_tafellamp 49 LINE BALANCE_pres-A0-2.jpg

Base : wood or terazzo (marble composite)

Light profile: brass or aluminium painted or anodised

Light source: 1 x G4 LED 3,5 Watt, 2700 K, 230 V 

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