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Line 3 floor lamp 2021

Line 3 floor lamp

The basic idea of ​​the design came about after seeing a stone on which a metal rod rests. The composition of both objects was very powerful and also simple. 

The design consists of a solid base of terrazzo with slots in which a simple, sleek lighting profile can be set up in different positions, depending on the use or the arrangement.

Due to the interaction of the monumental base and the interplay of lines of the slots with the lighting profile, the object behaves like a light sculpture that enters into a dialogue with its environment and user.

The lighting profile can be easily placed in different positions.

There is a continuous round hole in the side of the foot into which a broom handle can be inserted for easy transport of the foot.

With its minimalist design and simple functionality, the lighting object has a timeless design so that it can be used for generations without the object becoming dated and therefore, in terms of design, is a durable and high-quality design made of circular materials.

Line 3 floor lamp 2021

photos: © Sonny Plasschaert 

design: © Jan Goderis

Line 3 floor lamp 2021
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Line 3 floor lamp 2021
StaandeLamp_P1070141b-klad gat-1200-75_1

Base : terrazzo (marble composite)

Light profile: brass or aluminium painted or anodised

Light source: 2 x G9 LED 3,5 Watt, 2700 K, 230 V 

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