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Japan Lounge chair

Japan lounge chair

The Japan collection is a furniture line in which the basic typology of the design can vary in material, construction, production, color and finish.

The lounge chair was the basic design on which the entire JAPAN collection with a range of seating and tables is based.

The line of the seat profile, which is typical of the design, was the starting point in the search for a basic seating shape. Experiments were also made with larger than average tube diameters for the seat frame and wooden legs.

The construction was reduced to a minimum during the design process, the usual cross connection in the back was omitted. The wooden legs are invisibly attached to the metal frame.

The wooden legs can be oiled in natural wood or in a color to match the color of the lacquered metal frame and color of the leather seat and back. The seat and back are from natural and environmentally friendly tanned leather.

For mass production, the seat and back can be made of plastic.

Materials prototype: steel, ash wood, leather

photos: © Sonny Plasschaert 

design: © Jan Goderis

Japan Lounge chair
Japan Lounge chair
Japan Lounge chair detail
Japan Lounge chair back
Japan Lounge chair detail
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