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bijzettafeltjes hout 4V_DSC_5066b-1200-7

4S Wood side tables

Following the same principle of the 3RM tables, a V-shaped slot has been provided for the two smallest tables, so that they slide into each other.

The supports are conceived as a plane

By finishing each table in a different color, an interesting play of(staggered) areas of color is created.

Material prototype: plywood, plywood and laminate

bijzettafeltjes hout 4V_DSC_5069b-1200-7

photos: © Sonny Plasschaert 

design: © Jan Goderis

bijzettafeltjes hout 4V_DSC_4947b-1200-7
bijzettafeltjes hout 4V_DSC_4916b-1200-7
bijzettafeltjes hout 4V_DSC_5081b-1200-7
bijzettafeltjes hout 4V_DSC_5079b-1200-7
bijzettafeltjes hout 4V_DSC_5080b-1200-7
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