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photos: © Sonny Plasschaert - Jan Goderis

design: © Jan Goderis

+125 floor and table lamp

flat-pack design


With the emergence of the hideously ugly old energy saving lamps, it seemed like the regular incandescent bulb was starting to lose its right to exist.

So I was very excited when the new generation of "fillament" (LED) bulbs came on the market, which were almost identical to the existing incandescent bulbs.

Manufacturers also brought numerous new basic shapes and sizes of glass light bulbs to the market with various finishing.

This design is based on the basic shape of the lamp, a glass bulb with a diameter of 125 mm.

Two plates, made of metal, marble, wood or plastic that slide into each other to form a stable + shape thatgrips the glass globe, in a way, and places it on its base.

The plates are slightly wider at the bottom than at the top which gives a dynamic to the design but isn’t noticeable at first sight.

The series consists of 3 different heights; xx cm, xx cm, xx cm for floor or furniture installation .

The lamp is dimmable.

Materials: brass, aluminum (lacquered, anodized), wood, marble

PR_TA_125 Plus_PH_3_1200P.jpg
floor and desk lamp-125 PLUS_8_1200P.jpg
floor and desk lamp-125 PLUS_5_1200P.jpg
floor and desk lamp-125 PLUS_7_1200P.jpg
190711_Tafel lamp 37 + 125_26-45 h_marbl
Tafel lamp 37 + 125_pres 1_P1200.jpg
Tafel lamp 37 + 125_pres 2_1200P.jpg
PR_TA_125 PLUS_RE_6_1200P.jpg
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